almost your average dorm room startup

three friends, unlimited university wifi, and a dream to build something that matters. started in cedar hall at the university of toronto and has been growing ever since.

About us

Our story

will and thomson lived across from each other, abhi embodied the unofficial mascot of toronto (a racoon) and kept finding ways to sneak into the building. the three of them would talk endlessly about the future of technology, how artifial intelligence brought them to this institution, and how they could make a difference.

before long, under the tutilage of their professors, they were building inspired by previous work in the field of marketing, they saw how data crunching limited creativity and innovation. they wanted to change that and enable other creatives like themselves to focus on what they do best: create.

after 15+ academic papers, is ready to change the world.

Dog tax

2023 was incorporated, headquartered in toronto, canada. and marshall was recruited as the CCO (Chief Cuteness Officer).

our values

Customer Obsession
we are here to make our users' lives better and keep that top of mind in every decision.
we strive to make new solutions that better the lives of our users and the world
the founders would have not succeeded without their unique perspectives, from being people of color to being LGBTQ+, the diverse world-views everyone can provide is valued
Be Mischievous
don't be afraid of being judged negatively to intervene.
offer everyone around you understanding, give them the benefit of the doubt as nearly all actions derive from well intentions
it is the responsibility of the fortunate to protect and uplift those without.

our team

Abhivyakti Ahuja

Abhivyakti Ahuja

CEO & Co-founder

gave up med school to bring her neuroscience background to revolutionize marketing.

Team member 02

Will Song

COO & Co-founder

marketer turned teacher turned developer. the perfect glue for the company.

Team member 03

Thomson Yen

CTO & Co-founder

aiming to publish more academic papers than his professors. what a nerd. is growing.

the right environment for those who want to be on the cutting-edge. we believe in people over projects, which means we may not have a project in mind for you until you start with us.

Current open positions

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