Say Goodbye to A/B Testing With brings the power of AI to marketing managers, analysts, and their teams. Instantly see how your audience will react to an ad, before it is published. No more need for testing, helps you get back to Creating Creativity!

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aiphrodite's explainable solution

aiphrodite offers a new way to test ads on all target audiences. even niche ones.

aiphrodite's innovations

the secret sauce that gives our users an advantage.


learn what exactly resonates with your target audience.

Save Time

aiphrodite skips weeks of ad testing by simulating personas with AI.

Save Money

stop wasting money on those "trust me bro" platforms.


early feedback helps you retarget ads with agility.

80%+ accurate

aiphrodite finds successes as well as expert marketers.


aiphrodite is built on the latest AI and neuroscience research.

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start testing your ads, the smarter way